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Intergenerational Liturgy

Intergenerational Liturgy

To mark the end of the Sunday School year we celebrated an intergenerational liturgy in which the children took an active part: ushering, reading the scriptures, and leading the prayers. Normally the children leave for their lesson at the time of the sermon, but this Sunday the sermon was addressed to them and they stayed for the entire service. Most of the hymns featured movements in which  they could lead the rest of the congregation. Sunday School students and teachers were recognized for their participation during the past year. We had such a good time that we plan to do this periodically when we resume Sunday School in September.

Jeremiah reads the Scripture                                   Sarah Araque directs "I've Got Peace Like A River"


Pastor Michael preaches                                               Tonya Robles directs "Mustard Tree Faith"


Kamila leads the prayers                                               Laura Fried recognizes the children

We pray for God's blessing on our children: