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Our Educational Activities

Our main activity for adults is the Forum, held regularly each Sunday after the coffee hour following the service. We meet from about 10:30 AM until 11:30 am.  Sometimes there is a series of sessions on a stated theme, often related to the season of the church year. For example, recently it was: Listening for God. During Lent of 2013 we had a "film festival," showing selected shorts from films with religious themes. At other times there is no programmed theme, and the discussion either follows the interests of the participants or reacts to the sermon heard earlier.

The Adult Forum typically features lively discussion

In a transient congregation like ours, the number of young children varies. At times we have relatively many, and at times very few. We offer Sunday school and/or child care whenever there is sufficient need. Children attend the first part of the service, until the time of the sermon, and then move to a space of their own where they can have instructional activities adapted to their age level and attention span.  If parents prefer, children are welcome to stay for the entire service.

We are currently offering child care for young children every Sunday.  

Baptizing children implies the obligation to provide for their formation in faith

The annual Easter egg hunt is one of the special activities for children

Other educational activities are scheduled from time to time, depending on the interests of the persons involved.